Raw Authenticity

Have you ever observed yourself so caught up in what other people think and how you perceive they will judge you that you tend to embellish your credentials, or your current status in this moment? Do you ever wonder why you feel the need to hide who you really are? When aggrandizing things, do you ever feel a twinge of guilt about not being truthful to the person you are communicating with? I think we all can relate to this notion of wanting to be a person the person we are relating to will like.

Living authentically requires us to take a deep look at our own motivations and behaviors. I think it is natural to want to impress your present company, your colleagues, your family, and any new prospective interests, but the most impressive thing to me is when someone can bare their soul and live in the truth of their life.

Are you not living authentically out of fear or could it be insecurity. I am sure all of our motivations are different, but similar in the outcome of what we are projecting to the universe. When we begin to live in the truth and light of our authentic being great things come about for us and all of those around us. Things become effortless and light. When we no longer hide from ourselves, let alone, everyone else, we make big strides in who we are supposed to be. Authentic, living, loving, whole….