Superfluous Mad Silliness

Sometimes life catches us off guard and decides we are going to get all caught up in some moment of nonsense. It is at these times we need to step back and really take inventory of what it is we are doing. Thoughts are just that, thoughts. Most of the time our thoughts won’t change much that is going on in life, or the world, we have them, they are fluid and our reaction to them, is what it is, at that particular moment. Life is a funny thing, mad at best, at times. There is so much we want to control with what happens around us, but so much we are in so little control of. Being is not an easy state to be in, it takes  a constant state of awareness. Most of the time we are so unaware of our own actions because they become so automatic. It is only when we take the time to be conscious in every moment that we become aware of our own deficiencies and can work on improving living here, now, in this moment in time, being all that we are meant to be.

Music to My Ears

8-track head cleaning cartridge tape

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The songs I grew up with, the memories created as they played on the radio, turntable, or 8-track tape player, are some of the best windows to the days passed. A peek at how I became who I am today. Music is timeless and can set into motion a myriad of memories and emotions and does so most often in the first few bars.

Each song/piece has a unique ability to recollect a place, time period and often remind me of certain people who have left imprints on my voyage thus far. The music from my younger years lifts my spirit and always puts a smile on my face. I can always count on it to bring me joy if things are dreary.

Music is a part of everything we do. It plays as we are shopping, driving, and working. It is also incorporated in advertisements, tv shows, and movies. We listen to it when we celebrate, worship and mourn.

Today I have an iPod, iPhone, Sirius/XM radio and music channels in my cable programming. Although the media which I access music with has changed, the meanings and memories relived and newly created stay.

Music soothes my soul, energizes my spirit and bring me peace.