Raw Attributions of a Simplistic Mind

Breathe In CD2

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An in depth examination of all that is right, brings me to the point of stagnation. Movement is impeded by acquiescence accepted. Only accepting each breathe and moment individually will ruminate the importance of now.

Existential Bravado

Sometimes I look around and wonder why all the pretension. I can’t get past the simplicity of living an authentic existence and how difficult it is to be someone you are not. Why do we try so hard to masquerade through life how we want others to perceive us instead of just being? Is it insecurity? Over-inflated ego? How much control do we have over our actions? I believe we are here to be an authentic force of energy. On the journey to authenticity hopefully we learn the lessons we were brought here to learn. They always seem to repeat themselves if they aren’t learned the first time.

Connecting with others at a high emotional level is important. As a species we avoid the true emotional connection with each other out of different fears, I suppose. When you reach an authentic connection with another person you can feel it deep in your core. Your spirit soars, your soul is on fire. I can’t imagine the joy there would be if everyone could connect with even one person and feel this kind of unconditional love.
When the fear leaves you and you are filled with love and light, the life you were meant to have here on this planet becomes visible. Simple most definitely…. easy, not so much.

The Set-up

Setting up a blog is an experience in itself. From choosing a name, theme and content, every blog is as unique as its creator. Creating is the key. I found myself using not just my cognitive skills, but also the deep crevices of the imagination that are sometimes buried and covered with brain dust. The set-up will probably never be final, but always a work in progress, just as I, the creator of it, am.

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